2022 Galeo Galeo-Pro

2022 Galeo Galeo-Pro

$250 (USD)

Syracuse, NY

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Galeo Pro is a GPS+LTE Theft Alert Device. The Galeo Pro unit works by alerting you whenever it senses any motion or vibration, it can operate in the most extreme temperatures (rated Ip69k) and its battery life can last 3-4 years!

Galeo Pro units can save you the hassle of worrying whenever leaving out your expensive trailer or merchandise out in the open. You'd be able to track your unit by simply unlocking your phone, opening up the Galeo App on your iOS or Android device, and just like that, checking the status of your precious cargo from the comfort of your bed.

Galeo Pro comes with an annual cost of $19.99 and a 3 year cost of $49.99. That's only $1.66-$1.38 a month ! It's just $250.00ea and $350.00 installed or we can always just sell you a unit and you can install it in the comfort of your own home!

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